nedelja, 03. julij 2011


When I finished reading "The Frequency", the first novel in the SF trilogy with the same name (the title of the second book is "Floodlight", the title of the third book is "Skatur"), I just said: there is really something special about it! It really has everything I wanted to read: story full of romance, dramatic twists and turns, special skills, interesting messages and much more ... I recommend this book to teenagers, students, parents, individuals, ... Here you can read more about the first book The Frequency and also about the author.

He was her best friend. She was the only one who was able to see him - up to the day when he suddenly disappeared. Forever? Was he just a product of her imagination or was there some deeper truth?

»I like it very much because the essence of the story doesn't get revealed prematurely, which makes it alluring and readable for the longest time. I have found several positive messages in the story. I will gladly reread it, and then maybe once more and once more.« (Nika, 18)
»In my opinion the book is excellent. Whilst reading it, you experience a special frequency, because you allow yourself to enjoy extraordinary abilities. You can also experience the feelings of the protagonists, which are described in detail. You quickly fall into the story because it abounds with interesting situations from the very start and it stays that way to the end.« (Alisa, 18)
»A very intense story stirring magical feelings that can make anyone in today's society feel like being a part of the story. Readers can at the same time truly embrace the idea that everything - but really everything - is possible and thus start toying with the idea in their own minds.« (Jasmin, 18)
»I really liked the book because it was the first book I was truly interested in. I hope you'll write another one so I can read it.« (Tim, 17)
The SF novel The Frequency is first set in a small European country Slovenia where we meet the main protagonist Ina Kralj. Before she starts elementary school she has a best friend only she can see. But soon he vanishes and Ina is not sure anymore if he was real or not. The setting shifts to New York where Ina travels to continue her studies. Maybe there is a deeper purpose hidden in her decision...
The romantic plot full of interesting twists and a dramatic dénouement is interlaced with the protagonists' special abilities and interesting messages which lead us to believe that the truth may lie in the absolute devotion to something higher than us and in the faith in the message: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

About the author
The author, Janja Sreckar, enjoys reading science fiction novels. She is especially drawn to the protagonists with special powers. She has a wide array of favorite authors and their main quality is that they strengthen the message they wish to convey with the use of love and humor. Among her favorite authors are Charlotte Bronte, Stephenie Meyer, Stephen Turoff, Shirlie Maclaine, Gustav Silih and Bogdan Novak. Her passion for reading and being creative in this field have inspired her to start thinking about writing a story that would contain a deeper message. Janja Sreckar majored in teaching music and devoted her life to art at the very early age of 3 (music, dance, theatre plays, drawing).

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